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Denver Front Range Services Welcoming of Trans Clients

Gender Support Organizations in Colorado

The Gender Identity Center of Colorado.
Address: 455 Ammons Street, Suite 100, Lakewood CO 80215-4993
Phone: 303-202-6466
GIC is a non-profit transgender education and support organization offering several support groups, workshops, seminars, and guest speakers from various areas of the community.

University of Colorado at Boulder
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

Northern Colorado Gender Support Group.
open to all exploring gender diversity and spouses.
Facilitator: Beth Firestein PhD
Phone: 970-635-9116. Call or email for directions.
Physicians: Trans-affirming physicians providing cross-sex hormone management
Dr. Anna Wegleitner provides general health care services to transsexual and transgender patients, including managing hormones and post-operative care.
Office: 2020 S. Oneida, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80224
Phone: 303-759-4800.

Surgeons: Facial Feminization
Feminization of the transgender patient allows Dr. Terrence P. Murphy to use the full scope of his artistic abilities and expertise. One of the keys to successful feminization of transgender patients is a thorough understanding the differences between the male and female physique literally from head to toe. Feminization can include both facial feminization as well as body contouring.

Office: 601 E. Hampden Ave., Suite 310, Englewood, Colorado 80113
Phone: 303.788.8400 or 800.759.1005

Hair, Make-up, and Clothing
Studio Lites. 333 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203. 303-733-7797

Hair Removal Electrolysis
Hair Free Colorado: 2620 S. Parker Road, Suite 140, Aurora, CO 80014. 303-695-9392.

Hair Removal Laser
Gentle Touch Laser: 303-920-3700.
Rocky Mountain Laser: 303-797-1669.

Voice Coaching Voice Feminization For Transgender Women
Exceptional Voice: Exceptional Voice, Inc.
650 South Cherry Street, Suite 1410, Denver, Colorado 80246-1814
303-722-2181 (telephone)
1-866-4-MY-VOICE (toll free)

Melanie Anne Phillips: How To Develop A Female Voice
Website: How to Develop a Female Voice.

Licensed Acupuncture
Todd Garrity, L.Ac.

Denver, CO 80209
(303) 859-8644
1040 S Gaylord St, Suite 204
Acupuncture, herbal medicine, essential oils, acupuncture, Reiki, massage are just a few of the techniques we utilize to help you get into the Om Flow.