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Rachael St.Claire PsyD
Licensed Psychologist
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Of interest to anyone who genders outside the lines.

TransgenderSoul provides educational information and resources about gender identity and transgender issues to affirm, educate, bring hope and heal the lives of those who live with conflict between their birth sex and their gender identity. I am Dr. Rachael St.Claire, a licensed psychologist, specializing in gender identity and transgender issues. I first began publishing TransgenderSoul to the Web in 2000, and I also publish a weekly blog. My sincere hope is that within these pages you will find courage, healing, connection, love, and your own wisdom to carry you safely along your journey in search of the wholeness within yourself that you seek. No matter how far and difficult your journey thus far, nor how weary your body, mind and soul has grown, always know that understanding and support is never far off, so seek it, you are not alone, and never ever give up on your dreams or your self.

Gender colors all aspects of our lives, how we experience ourselves, how we relate to others, and how others relate to us. When we know we are different, we feel vulnerable, and hide ourselves from being seen by others as we truly are inside. We may doubt whether we are worthy of love and belonging. Being different takes courage. The courage to tell your life story with your whole heart. The courage to let go of who you think you should be and embrace wholeheartedly who you are.

If you identify as a transgender person or experience conflict in your gender identity, you will find resources for:
  • trans-healthcare and service providers in the Denver Metro area that are trans-affirming.
  • healing and growing through the conflicts between your birth sex and your gender identity.
  • understanding the stages of coming out to yourself and the important people in your life.
  • managing your gender transition at work.
  • building healthy relationships as a transperson with family, friends, partners, and your community.
  • finding trans-affirmative and trans-competent service professionals, including therapists and physicians.
  • locating anti-discrimination laws and ordinances to help advocate for your civil rights.

If you are a family member, friend, or co-worker of someone who is experiencing gender identity issues, you will find resources for:
  • understanding the extraordinary experiences and challenges that transgender people face.
  • finding educational and advocacy materials related to becoming an ally of transgender people.

If you are a human resource administrator, manager or supervisor, or an attorney needing information and resources related to transgender persons in the workplace or schools, you will find resources under the Justice tab. You will find resources for:
  • gender transition in the workplace
  • transgender specific anti-discrimination policy
  • anti-discrimination law
  • transgender law and civil rights organizations

If you are a psychotherapist, healthcare or other service professional, you will find information about training, supervision, and workshops on providing Trans-Competent Care under the For Professionals tab. You will find resources for:
  • assessment and counseling with transgender clients
  • standards of care for GLBT clients
  • understanding issues and controversies about psychiatric diagnosis of Gender Identity Disorder.
  • workshops, training, and supervision by Rachael St.Claire PsyD.

Rachael St.Claire PsyD, Licensed Psychologist, Denver Colorado

Dr. St.Claire specializes in counseling persons needing help with transsexual and transgender issues, and in assisting spouses, family members, and friends who are needing help in understanding someone they care about.  Dr. St.Claire is experienced in providing collaborative and effective treatment for psychological problems that often accompany gender identity issues, such as depression and anxiety. She works closely with physicians who are expert in providing culturally competent healthcare to transsexual and transgender clients. Dr. St.Claire provides assessments and letters of referral to physicians for sex hormones, genital surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medications for depression and anxiety.

For appointments and information about workshops or consultation:

  • Phone: 720-220-5770
  • Email:
  • Office: Denver Colorado in Capitol Hill

Suicide. If you are thinking of suicide or have thoughts that life is not worth living...start here.

Last Updated September 1, 2013